Marketplace as a Service

Commerce and collaboration for businesses seeking to grow their reseller network online.

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The Catalog

Create a branded catalog for your online channel partners

The catalog can be created with your products or can be configured by your resellers.

Flexible Navigation
Quickly create catalog categories and automatically assign products and services.


Customized Storefront

With an editable storefront, partners are able to customize content tailored to their brand including colors, fonts, logos, page layouts, and advanced options.

Flexible Design
Resellers can customize their pages with media, content, and their own catalog.


Content At Your Fingertips

The CMS dashboard is the entry point of the editorial experience and provides editors an easy way to get started with their most common tasks.

Verify Changes
Check the latest content published.

Product Page

Quick view of Partners & Pricing

Based on product, we provide the ability for consumers to easily digest starting price as well as the quantity of partners that sell specific products

Quick consumable view
Ability to view all sellers that carry products as well as starting price. Which are all dynamic for quick drill down.

Global Transactions

Support Global Payment Methods

Provide international and regional payments options for any market.

Purchase Summary
The checkout summary provides full visibility into items being purchased to help counter cart abandonment.
Payment Method Stack
CMS allows API integration with regional payment gateway providers. Allowing for consumer friendly payment options.

Partner Locator

Interactive Maps

Consumers can filter for partners of choice and easily view their locations through interactive maps. Once a partner is selected, the consumer can contact a partner at click of a button.

Google Maps
Provide visibility on partner locations through API integration of Google Maps.

Integrated CRM

Sales & Customer Management

Automation of leads to a CRM from your website allow you to track your leads, manage your customers & deals, and transform your sales.

Sales Reporting
Understand your sales process through robust sales reports.

Website Analytics

Interactive dashboards

Gain Business Intelligence through powerful interactive dashboards. Simply filter data and drill down for your specific analysis needs.

Data Visualizations
Explore and understand your marketplace data through interactive graphs, tables, charts, and other insightful data visualizations.